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Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) flooring can be found in most commercial buildings. VCT flooring is typically in the form of tile or sheets. This commercial flooring is very resilient and easy to keep clean when properly maintained. To protect VCT flooring from abrasions, scratches, wear, and other damage, the floor needs layers of protective wax.

Here are some common questions about VCT refinishing (strip & wax):

1. What is the process of VCT refinishing?

  1. The VCT flooring is vacuumed clean

  2. The solution is applied to the floor, helping breakdown old wax, dirt, and stains

  3. A floor machine with special pads scrubs the floor, stripping it clean

  4. The floor is wet-vac clean, removing all liquified old wax, dirt, and debris

  5. The floors are rinsed with clean water (floor PH level is neutralized)

  6. The floors are left to fully dry

  7. Multiple layers of wax protectant is applied to the VCT flooring

2. How long does it take for VCT refinishing?

- It is recommended to allow 24-48 hours for an area to be refinished. This allows enough time for the facility to air out and the wax to cure fully. Most customers receive VCT floor refinishing service when they are closed for a couple of days.

3. How often do I need to get my floors refinished?

- The need to have your floors stripped and waxed (refinished) is solely based on foot traffic in your facility. Schools and daycare centers typically receive floor refinishing once per year. However, a grocery store typically gets its VCT refinished 2-3 times per year. More foot traffic means the VCT flooring will experience more wax worn off.

4. How much is the VCT floor strip and wax (refinishing)?

- The pricing is based on the flooring condition and the total square footage that needs to be serviced.


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