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Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Having provided several businesses with COVID-19 disinfection services, CleanPro 360 has been one of the forces that have helped entrepreneurs and businesses stay open. Proving sincerity towards their clients, they have also provided proactive measures, such as promoting healthy cleaning practices. This way, companies are more empowered to create a healthy environment as the standard moving forward.

Here are CleanPro's two most important recommendations for maintaining a cleaner, healthier work environment:

  1. Encourage hand washing among your staff and have hand sanitizer available throughout your workplace.

  2. Using a disinfectant cleaner, wipe down door knobs, printer/copier buttons, phones, computers, and other items your staff or guests touch. Sanitizing these areas of high contact will significantly help reduce germs spread throughout the facility.

Daily cleaning practices and routine professional cleaning services can improve the cleanliness of your business. If you need a cleaning service provider, contact Baltimore, Maryland's CleanPro 360 today!

Learn more about cleaning and disinfecting your facility via the CDC website


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